Faces to a name: Milos and Redline.

Koike and Ishii with models of the cars seen in Redline.

After seeing the making-of featurette for FMA: Milos, I got the idea of posting pics of the staff involved. I also took some pics of the Redline staff while I was at it. Even if you follow anime staff members, it’s not very often that you get to see them. You can see interviews with staff members in magazines or at a special event for a particular show, but it’s a fact voice actors are much at the forefront when it comes to promoting these shows. They highly demanded by the anime fanbase in general, so, on the other side, it’s only natural that most staff members tend to stay in the background as a result.

In any case, here are the pics I could grab for the staff of both movies. Any bad photos are to be blamed on how hard it is to get a good single pic out of somebody who keeps moving.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Staff

Director/Storyboards-Kazuya Murata

Character Designer/Chief Animation Director/Layout Supervisor- Kenichi Konishi

Murata actually met up with Kenichi Konishi at a Ghibli training program in the early 90s. 20 years later, he insisted with the producers on teaming up with Konishi. Konishi had another project that fell through, so he was able to work on Milos as a result.

Scriptwriter- Yūichi Shimpo

Animation Director/Layout Supervisor-Kiyotaka Oshiyama

There’s actually a photo in this documentary where we see Oshiyama sleeping under his work desk in sleeping bag. A reminder of how hard these people who work to bring us animation we can enjoy.

He’s credited with “animation director” in katakana instead of the other 4 ADs, which are credited in the usual kanji, and above them as well but below Konishi’s “Chief Animation Director” credit. He’s basically in charge of the pacing and feel of the animation throughout the film.

Unit Director/Key Animator-Shingo Natsume

Natsume drew a bunch of layouts to solidify the vision of Table City you see in the final product. He also gave out instructions to the key animators and made sure that they were being carried out based on Murata’s instructions.

Animation Director/Key Animator: Tomohisa Shimoyama

As with the rest of the animators, go see the FMA: Milos MAD to see what they did.

Key Animator-Yoshimichi Kameda

In-Between Animation Director: Kazuhiko Yabumoto

Color Designer/Color Coordinator/Finish Check- Fumiko Numahata

3D CG Director- Kōki Ōta

Producer/ President of BONES- Masahiko Minami

Producer- Ryo Oyama

Producer- Nobuyuki Kurashige

Music- Tarou Iwashiro

Murata also wanted to work with Iwashiro after hearing his work on the 1996 TV drama Hakusen Nagashi.

Sound Effects- Shizuo Kurahashi

Color Coordinator/Finish Checker- Fusako Nakao (right)

Nakao also was responsible for the color designs in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Mechanical Designer- Shinji Aramaki (left). Art Concept Design/Art Director- Akiaki Okada

Key Animator- Hiroyuki Morita

Redline Staff

Original Creator/Creative Director/Script/ Machine Designer/Character Designer/Sound Director/ Song Lyrics (Kare no Shift wa BUNBUNBUN/Redline Day)- Katsuhito Ishii

Director/Animation Director/Character Designer/Layout Supervisor/Key Animator/Background Designer/Machine Designer- Takeshi Koike

Script- Yoshiki Sakurai

Script-Yoji Enokido

The last two scriptwriters pictured here were brought on to tighten the script after Ishii wrote a rather long draft. The extra exposition is in a separately released novel.

Prop Design/Key Animator/Background Designer/ 2D Texture- You Moriyama

Now working with Koike on the new Lupin show.

Special Effects- Kumiko Taniguchi

She also worked on Milos. Currently working on Kids on the Slope along with the other members of Team Taniguchi (Ayumi Arahata and Kaori Kobayashi).

In-Between Check: Kayo Sakazume

Director of Photography- Ryu Takizawa

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