Faces to a name: Milos and Redline.

Koike and Ishii with models of the cars seen in Redline.

After seeing the making-of featurette for FMA: Milos, I got the idea of posting pics of the staff involved. I also took some pics of the Redline staff while I was at it. Even if you follow anime staff members, it’s not very often that you get to see them. You can see interviews with staff members in magazines or at a special event for a particular show, but it’s a fact voice actors are much at the forefront when it comes to promoting these shows. They highly demanded by the anime fanbase in general, so, on the other side, it’s only natural that most staff members tend to stay in the background as a result.

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Redline Sakuga MAD

A few weeks ago I purchased the Redline Key Animation book on Amazon JP. I had planned to do a detailed breakdown of the shots that were indentified in the book and make a blog post about it, but I decided to team with XMuradX to make another sakuga MAD together. It’s a much better experience to see a MAD with the names in the bottom left than reading a technical breakdown.

The book itself is set up like an art book, using an entire page to show off one or a few key animation frames instead of a usual key animation book which would show off all of the key frames in that particular cut. As a result, you don’t get to see the full sequences that these great animators came up with Takeshi Koike’s direction, but it’s a worthwhile purchase if you enjoyed the film. I posted some pictures on my Twitter account a while back:

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